LHS Marching band

The Band

Band is a very musical and educational class. Only a few can teach it. For this band, Mr.scherer is their teacher. The band consists of 37 people, and this band only has one drum major: Kylie Young. The drum major conducts the band during marching season, and plays in concert season.

Band director

Andrew Scherer, Band Director


Each person has an instrument for them. Clarinets, trumpets, baritones, trombones, flutes, sousaphones, tenor saxophone, and saxophone. There is a variety of instruments to choose from. Some are more comlicated then others. The most complicated instruments are the woodwinds section.

How many


When Marching the band must wear a uniform. This uniform consists of: a jacket, bibbers, a hat , and shoes . Each uniform is separately kept in bags in each band member in their homes respectively. Uniforms make the band appear as a unit instead of individuals. Helping them get higher scores in competitions, and making them look good.


The band attends annual contests to compete for a score. the score system is: 1 near perfect, 2 excellent, and 3 above averge. It goes to 5, but no one does that bad. On the 25th of october the band is going to andover for a marching competition. A christmas concert in december, and in the spring the band is going to kansas city for the annual music festival. They are also going to worlds of fun during that event. Finally a spring concert in, you guessed it, spring. For more info go to Usd405