What a wonderful world

He's enjoying his alone time, while imaining himself being in front of a big audience ukulele.


Curiosity killed the cat but satisfactory brought it back.


When school ends and summer comes up, we making plans to chill with my best friend.


What the flex box is up with these people. They are destroying our generations.

Holy Skrek

When your best friend finds out they hurt you, all you hear is RUNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Imagination comes first

My parents asked what I learned in school today. I showed them how school has me.

Oooh lala

When Andy gets proud for figuring out his code after the 20,000th try.

Danger alert

Great advice, never let your best friend talk you into doing something that can be questionable @Skye.


When you are so hungry you can't prononce your words right.


When you try so hard to get your web page design teacher to give you another question to figure out your mistakes.

Don't mess with me

When somone else is trying to claim your best friend as their best friend.

It's Mine!

When something's so so precious to you.


When your parents are gone and you have the house to yourself.

The struggle is real

Being by your best friend and her boy friend can be the craziest and dangerous things you can ever do.


In it to win it.

Beep Bop

When you and your best friend are making your way down town.

I hate vacations with family

Family vacations gone wrong.

Choose your frieds wisley

Being surrounded by idoits is the worst thing you can collide with.


Making a person's best friend mad can be the wrongest thing you can ever do.

It's getting hot in here

Trying to tan has become so hard.


Never knew my best friend can be a spy when she decides not to sleep.

I hate you!

Enjoy things while you have them because you never know when you won't have them anymore.