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How To Earn Points?

There are a lot of ways to earn experience points and currency in class. Completing class assignment, projects, and tests all earn you experience points. The higher the grade you get on each assignment in class, the more points you earn. Experience points are NOT your grade in the class. The points represent a wide range of items and not just class assignments.


Each chapter has a Quizlet with the chapter's vocabulary. Completing a Quizlet will earn you points and finishing the game, "Match", the fastest in the class will earn you bonus points.

Finding a Mistake

Finding a mistake or a typo on class handouts, assignments, tests, or Mr. Vogel's website will earn you points.

Business/Technology Reports

Pick out an article about a business or technology(depends on your class) subject and read it. Then write a five sentence summary in your own words (no copy and pasting from the article). Email your summary and the link to your article to me. Limit three per semester.

Kahoot Reviews

At the end of most chapters we will complete a Kahoot as part of the review for the chapter test. Earning the most points during the Kahoot will earn you extra points.

Individual Classes

There are unique was to earn points in each class. You can see the extra ways to earn points for your class over to the right. I will discuss with each class how to earn these points as the opportunity comes up.


I will assign other points as I see fit during the course. Points can also be earned in random class activities and games.

All Classes
Assignment/Activity XP Points
Create username 5
1st Day of School Activity 5
1st Day of School - Winner 25
1st Day of School - Runner Up 15
1st Day of School - 3rd Place 10
Earn a C on an assignment 5
Earn a B on an assignment 10
Earn an A on an assignment 15
Earn a 100% on an assignment 20
Earn a C on a test 10
Earn a B on a test 20
Earn a A on a test 30
Earn a 100% on a test 50
Turn everything in for a chapter on time 25
Earn 100% on every assignment/project/test for a chapter 25
Complete a Quizlet 5
Quizlet Match Game - Winner 25
Quizlet Match Game - Runner Up 15
Quizlet Match Game - 3rd Place 10
Find a mistake in the class notes - small (max: 3) 5
Find a mistake in the class notes - large (max: 3) 15
Business/Technology Report (max: 3) 15
Business/Technology Report w/ Presentation (max: 3) 25
Kahoot Review - Winner 25
Kahoot Review - Runner Up 15
Kahoot Review - 3rd Place 10
Kahoot Review - 4th/5th Place 5
Teacher Discretion ?
Critical Thinking Problems 20
Simulation Packet - C 20
Simulation Packet - B 40
Simulation Packet - A 60
Simulation Packet - 100% 100
Business Management
Focus On... 20
"We Need To Talk" Activity - Winner 25
"We Need To Talk" Activity - Runner Up 15
"We Need To Talk" Activity - 3rd Place 10
Organization Chart - Winner 25
Organization Chart - Runner Up 15
Organization Chart - 3rd Place 10
Best Business Plan 25
Runner Up Business Plan 15
3rd Place Business Plan 10
Brand Awareness - Winner 25
Brand Awareness - Runner Up 15
Brand Awareness - 3rd Place 10
Brand Awareness - 4th/5th Place 5
Best Car Salesperson 25
Runner Up Car Salesperson 15
Cheesiest Car Salesperson 10
Poster Activity - Winner 50
Poster Activity - Runner Up 25
Poster Activity - 3rd Place 15
Best Business Plan 50
Runner Up Business Plan 30
3rd Place Business Plan 20
Webpage Design
Codecademy: HTML and CSS 100
Codecademy: jQuery 100
Codecademy: JavaScript 100
Codecademy: Any Language Skill 100
Codecademy: Animate Your Name 25
Codecademy: About You 25
Codecademy: Sun, Earth, and Code 25
Codecademy: Make a Website 50
Codecademy: Make an Interactive Website 50
Codecademy: Deploy a Website 50
Codecademy: Any Web Developer Skill 50
First Website Project - Best Overall Design 25
First Website Project - Runner Up Overall Design 15
Bootstrap Project - Best Overall Design 25
Bootstrap Project - Runner Up Overall Design 15
Final Project - Best Overall Design 50
Final Project - Runner up Overall Design 25